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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We have added to our communication so that you will be able to find us in the ocean of education. TDNE stands for Telecommunication Data Network Engineering...

Check out the apprenticeship at TU Dublin

This Apprenticeship Programme is one of the primary tools that the telecommunications industry will use to address the clear need for trained technicians in the field. The programme will support employers from the ICT sector by providing a structure for the training of Technicians over a period of two years. The new Apprenticeship is a joint endeavor by companies engaged in the telecommunications sector and TU Dublin to provide a formal accredited apprenticeship programme for the development of the telecommunications workforce. The objective of TU Dublin as coordinating provider, is to partner with industry members to enhance the quality of education and advancement opportunities for the overall telecommunications workforce in order to meet the ongoing network needs for the future.

It's for you...

This apprenticeship offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for entry or advancement into a particular skilled career field. This two-year programme was developed in collaboration with the telecommunications industry, which has currently an overarching need for technicians and this programme will help satisfy the need for the availability of highly skilled technical employees for on-going network deployment projects.

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